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Start Dental Care early with Babies and Children

If you have young children you will know that teaching them brush and creating a dental care routine for their teeth isn’t always easy! However, it’s important to start teaching our children how to care for their teeth at a young age. As soon as they start cutting teeth, you should be getting them to open...
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Clean your toothbrush before you clean your teeth with it!

Aah. Look at the cute kitten playing. But wait, the little minx is chewing on my toothbrush.. Germ alert !! In fact your cat's mouth is a lot cleaner than yours. Saliva in a feline’s mouth destroys germs and keeps the mouth clean.

From toilet to toothbrush..?

Unfortunately, we humans are a hotbed of microorganisms which we spread...
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Do you have Gum Disease?

What is Gum Disease?

Most people have some form of gum disease. It can range from slight redness and inflammation affecting only a couple of teeth to having severe bone loss that affects most of the teeth in the mouth. If left untreated it can result in tooth loss. The disease process can be improved, remain...
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