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June’s Patient of the Month!

  russjohn Shout out to the patient of the month - a long time friend and loyal patient here at 4th Avenue Dental - Russ Foxx!  I have always been fascinated with his body modification and performance art and have enjoyed hearing about his shows and work. Russ specializes in...
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Filling in the Gaps. What’s New in Dental Care?

Dental Care Advances - Titanium Dental Implant If you've read some of our previous posts on the history of dentistry then you know how lucky we are to live in a era of virtually pain free procedures. Researchers never rest though, and are continually looking for new and improved...
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Space Age Dentistry : The Plasma Torch Toothbrush

It's space age technology and it may be coming to a mouth near you in the near future..

The Plasma Torch Toothbrush

It's amazing how many everyday items and other tools and objects were initially developed for use in space, e.g. cordless tools, memory foam, solar panels, show insoles. As well as what have become essential tools...
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