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Dentists warned of counterfeit equipment following huge haul

Have you ever thought about the quality of the equipment your dentist uses? Dental work requires very high quality, precision implements which must be fully tested and approved for use to ensure your utmost safety. Unscrupulous manufacturers are flooding the market with unapproved equipment. A recent seizure of more than 12,000 pieces of low quality dental equipment...
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Pain Sensitivity: Do Redheads feel more pain?

According to some recent, and well publicised research, redheads may have genes which can cause increased sensitivity to pain. As well as finding the common anaesthetics used by dentists less effective. If these factors are true then this would explain why redheads are apparently more than twice as likely to avoid going to the dentist, according...
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Sensitive Teeth

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? it is most likely caused by gingival recession. Gingìval recession is caused by brushing too aggressively, not using a soft toothbrush, clenching and grinding your teeth, or the misalignment of your teeth. Most often your sensitivity can be treated with a sensitivity toothpaste. Typically these sensitivity toothpastes need to be used morning...
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